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studiopress genesis framework
Teamdigital 7 April 2019 No Comments

StudioPress is the real deal!

According to us, you can only create WordPress websites with the StudioPress Genesis Framework. It offers many advantages over standard WordPress themes. why?

Uniformity. That is the big advantage of a framework compared to a “normal” WordPress theme. A framework uses a number of standards. They facilitate the work of plugins, creators of themes and back-end developers. It is sufficient for them to be familiar with the framework to be able to make adjustments or build themes faster.

In other words, a framework is a solid basis. In the first place, these are the foundations on which developers can build themes. Furthermore, the framework guarantees better compatibility between a theme on the one hand and plugins on the other. Feel free to call it a code base that contains all the functions that need themes.

Imagine a security problem pops up in functionalities of multiple themes. If you do not use a framework, then you have ‘serious’ problems: you have to adjust every theme one by one. No, it is better to have a framework at such a moment. Then you only have to solve the security problem once, inside the framework, because all themes of StudioPress use the same basic functionalities.

There are many WordPress themes available, both free and paying. This makes it difficult to choose. The free themes can be found in the WordPress theme repository. A popular place to buy WordPress themes is themeforest.net. The quality varies greatly in both cases, mostly depending on price. Popular are themes that can be adjusted visually, such as visual composer, is what you should look for.

What is StudiopPress Genesis Framework?

The name says it all: StudioPress Genesis framework is ‘the’ WordPress framework of StudioPress. The provider focuses primarily on developers, but if you’re a novice, you can really benefit from it too. The framework contains only the essentials, which makes it light and easily adaptable. So a developer can quickly get started with Genesis. And thus does not lose any time that he would rather spend on creating a theme or a plugin.

The more developers that use a certain framework, the greater the reach and adoption thereof. By the way, most developers are full of praise for Genesis. They praise it as the best framework, because it is programmed at a high level. This makes the Genesis framework the most widely used for WordPress worldwide. Well-known WordPressers such as Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress), Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, Mark Jaquith are fans of Genesis.

studiopress genesis framework

Why StudioPress Genesis Framework?

Not only professional developers can enjoy the benefits. Ordinary users will quickly become convinced of the value of the StudioPress Genesis Framework. The benefits are countless.

Optimized for search engines

Genesis uses neat code, so your website loads quickly and search engines can easily index. Microdata, schema code (rich snippets), breadcrumbs and numbered navigation are integrated as standard. All this ensures that Genesis is optimized for search engines.

Other benefits

  • Multiple layout options
  • Easy to use a different theme within the same framework.
  • Cheap. You only pay once for a StudioPress Genesis theme. Many other developers charge a contribution every year.
  • Lots of information about the Genesis framework and StudioPress themes. Everybody has a demo website.
  • Plugins specially developed for Genesis.
  • Respected, known and most used framework.
  • Code base is continuously being improved.
  • The latest code standards – HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Free Updates. You only pay once for the purchase and then receive free updates for life.
  • Upgrades. Technology never stands still. Pay once and you will receive lifelong upgrades. So’ll never have to buy a new version.
  • Mobile responsive. Genesis adapts to the visitor’s display. Whether it uses smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Safety. StudioPress keeps Genesis safe in collaboration with WordPress and a security expert.
  • Support. The help desk responds quickly and always helpful.

How to choose a StudioPress theme

Take the general look and feel of the theme always into account. Try to think away all content. Keep in mind that the color, thickness and dimensions of lines can be adjusted.

Also check the position of the logo, the navigation menu (at the top of each page) and the general view. You can easily adjust the interpretation. Think of photos, text and functions. On the StudioPress website you can sort the themes based on category, layout and developer.

studiopress genesis framework

We also use StudioPress Genesis Framework

For all the above reasons of course. We also enjoy working with the Genesis Framework. You can quickly set up a website that looks good. Then you can fully concentrate on the content, based on your wishes.

Genesis also works perfectly with the best WordPress plugins and it is very easy to integrate with WooCommerce if you need to build an online shop.

StudioPress Genesis framework has been around for a long time and – we guess – will continue to exist for a long time. The framework continues to grow, together with WordPress. In short: Genesis has a solid foundation for building customer websites.

We worked with separate themes for a long time. Updating them to the latest version was always a complete nightmare. With StudioPress we have never experienced that!

Our Final Statement

If you are just planning to build your own website, nothing more… you actually got 2 options. You can either check out the WP Engine – Startup Plan which contains all you need to get started immediately. Or… If you want to manage all manually, suchs as choosing your own hosting platform (read more about wordpress hosting here) and picking your theme afterwards? You can check out StudioPress Themes for WordPress or go to themeforest.net for an independent theme.

On the other hand, if you are a developer, a web design agency, a freelancer or you are just planning to make more websites in the near future. We suggest and encourage you to go for the WP Engine – Scale Plan which will save you a great deal of money over the course of time. Just do the math yourself if you doubt our advice.

Below we give you the the right tools to go immediately to place of your choice:

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