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Teamdigital 6 April 2019 No Comments

How to convert visitors in clients?

For over he past few years we investing a lot of our time, doing research in how visitors really react to websites. This contains loading speed, user experience on site, the look-and-feel of your website and last, but certainly not least, CTA’s. CTA or call-to-action is a way to attract a website visitor to click a certain link or button and from there on be guided to the endproduct. Here funnels come in handy, because this software takes all the hard work out of your hands.

We chose Clickfunnels as our main partner

ClickFunnels is a software program that helps you build web pages without the need of web design knowledge. So you don’t need to hire an expensive developer for your site or spend extra designer costs. It’s oh so simple…, just drag the right blocks to the right place and you’re ready to get started!

Why Clickfunnels

If you do not have sufficient knowledge, or if you no longer have the patience to wait for your a website developer, ClickFunnels is a great tool to get started yourself to build the right Funnel. Even if you no longer want to spend time managing different platforms, you can certainly save a lot of your time with this software.

For us, ClickFunnels just has the perfect tools to set you up with the right Funnel that will lead your visitors to the correct landing page, where they can proceed to sell. Even if you do not want to be too intrusive or your customers are not immediately convinced, you can gradually lead them through your preferred pages to a final destination.

In addition, ClickFunnels has a community where they regularly organize events and where you can ask all your questions. A community where you can brainstorm with colleagues. This alone is a great added value to their package!

Who can benefit from Clickfunnels

Well… to be honest…. we think everyone that wants to make money online can really benefit from ClickFunnels. Plain and simple! If you are doing: Online coaching, consulting, online courses, e-books, e-commerce, selling any other goods or services, organizes webinars, sell tickets for concerts, online presentations or courses, … you name it! The list is endless.

How it works

ClickFunnels software helps you free up time by simply setting up your pages. In addition, they also have extra functions that can be very useful.

The first nice extra is that you can link this software to your e-mail marketing program. When you do this, all registrations from customers and contacts will also be automatically included in your list for your e-mail campaign. Time saving, therefore, and very easy to generate your leads.

Second, you can also set up your email marketing inside ClickFunnels. You do not need separate software for this. Within this package you can provide your mails at the right times.

A third handy gadget within this software is the shopping cart. You no longer have to provide or check this separately. Your own shopping cart ensures that payments can be made directly from your page. Sales go smoothly and your leads quickly become customers. With this shopping cart you can ensure that customers who have previously ordered receive a new offer and when they accept this they do not have to re-enter all data.

An extra tip: Whoever works with different partners, even can set up a commission if they sell something for you. In this way ClickFunnels offers you a very nice and easy opportunity to get even more sales, due to collaborations.

Our Final Statement

At first glance, the price of 97$ a month to get started with ClickFunnels, sounds much, doesn’t it? But then we started calculating… what if you only converted 1 more visitor in a real client (and maybe a recurring client) every month… Well, that opend our eyes widely. And on top of that, if you look at all extra options within this package, this price is really not that expensive.

It’s important to see it as an investment and not like a cost!

After all…. there’s a reason why this software is so popular. The people inside this community are convinced this is the way to become a millionaire. For us… Maybe that’s a bit too far-reaching, but a nice growth of your company is certainly guaranteed.

If you think it’s worth a try, now is the time! You can try this software out, completely “free of charge” for a timespan of 2 weeks. If you’re convinced of its quality, you can decide to purchase it afterwards. What do you have to lose?


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