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Teamdigital 8 April 2019 No Comments

Email marketing like a pro!

Getresponse has approximately 350,000 satisfied customers and this list will continue to grow considerably. That is the opinion that we also bear, after testing this online marketing tool for companies.

Getresponse is a complete platform where you can find everything you need for the online marketing of your company. A software package that is not only useful but also increases your sales by getting the most out of your email marketing.

Because the package is very user-friendly you can start immediately in a minimum of time to set up a lot of campaigns. Get rid of all kinds of packages and get started right away with all effective functions!

The complete platform and its functions

  • Newsletters and messages
    Here you can prepare all your newsletters and messages that you wish to send to your customer list. Do you have no idea how to start? No problem! Getresponse has several layouts and templates available for you. With this you can get started right away.
  • Autoresponder
    This feature gives you the option to automate your email marketing and bring it into cycles. You can decide, prepare or adjust this yourself. No more reminders!
  • Customers and contact lists
    Collect all your customers and contacts in 1 place or split them into multiple lists. With this tool you can easily organize your customers according to your own wishes and interpretations. Do you have an endless list? No problem, you can easily import your entire customer list and add customers manually afterwards.
  • Surveys
    Do you want to conduct a survey in addition to your email campaign? This is now very easy from Getresponse. This tool is very useful for checking the opinion of your customers.
  • Webinars
    The new system to talk to your customers or provide online training. From Getresponse you have the thoroughness to organize online webinars. No more time loss or extra money needed to set up and organize your webinar. Moreover, it could not be better integrated, invite your contacts in your customer list, via a message or email campaign.
  • Analytics
    Getresponse will analyze all marketing for you and you can also link this tool with your Google analytics. This way you will always be informed of potential customers and readers and their behavior. With this analysis you can increase your chances of sales and sales without calling in an external agency.
  • Prices and extensions

    Getresponse has several subscriptions that you can choose from. It is recommended to start with a smaller subscription and to expand further if this is necessary for your company.

    In addition to the standard Getresponse you can of course also purchase the Premium. The advantage of this is that you can perform A / B split tests that can give you an idea of how you can better convert your marketing strategy and templates.

    In addition to the fixed prices and packages, you can also request an enterprise. Here, Getresponse will check what you as a company need and thus offer a customized package. Price and quality are always in the first row, but you don’t need to subscribe to what you don’t need.

    Free test account Getresponse

    Although this complete platform is far ahead of the competition, everything can be fully automated and can be personalized, we as human beings have doubts about the various software packages and also prefer to see what the cat is up to.

    That’s why you can create a free test account at Getresponse. This account is valid for 1 month and does not commit you to anything. So decide after 1 month that you do not want this tool, good friends.

    But admit, testing for 1 month is already a very nice benefit. This way you can “taste” all the possibilities and be quickly convinced of the user-friendliness in this platform. We do suspect that you will also extend this software package after 1 month.

    Our Final Statement

    We all know the saying: Time is money. And you won’t lose this with Getresponse. This software package is very clear, user-friendly and on top of that it is super fast. Moreover, Getresponse is definitely ahead of its competition: you can personalize, automate and analyze everything.

    This tool ensures the growth of your company and all profitable campaigns. We have tested it thoroughly and use it for all our clients. In short: Getresponse helps you sell, over and over again.

    If you don’t need us to do the installation for you or you don’t need any more information about how to actually download and install this plugin, you can proceed by clicking the button below.


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