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Teamdigital 3 April 2019 No Comments

How to create a multilingual WordPress website

Are you thinking of transforming your website multilingual platform? Unfortunately, a standard WordPress website, does not have this feature. But that’s why we’ll show you how to make your WordPress website multilingual with WMPL plugin, in just a few easy steps.

WPML is a paid plugin, but there is a reason why over 400,000 websites use this plugin to transform their WordPress website into a multilingual platform.

Why use a Multilingual plugin like WPML?

First of all, it’s really simple to create a WordPress website in 1 single language. So to start off, we suggest setting up your WordPress platform in your preferable language. That’ll make it a lot easier if you need to search for settings in the future.


Second, and this one is really important… when you built your WordPress website on a theme, make sure you’ll check if the theme you want to use, is WPML compatible.
WordPress only supports one language at a time and that’s why we need to use an external source like WPML plugin to get around this.

And third… Of course, there are free features on the internet like machine translations such as “Google Translate”, but these are more than often not acceptable for most professional organizations. As we all know, the translations from these so called auto “translate bots” come in handy for small and quick translations, but for a professional looking website… unfortunately they are still far from perfect.

For experts, there is a way to offer multiple language options, but here it’s required to install WordPress in subdomains for each and every different language. This asks a lot of dedication, even after the work is done, because in this case you will have to manage your WordPress updates separately for each language.

That’s why, even we at WordPress Experts, recommend the use of WPML plugin (WordPress Multilingual Plugin). This plugin solves your translation problems by allowing your website to become multilingual in just a few clicks of the button. You can use one and the same WordPress website to create and show your content in many different languages. WPML offers a very easy to use interface (yes even for dummies) to manage all your translations. It comes with a pre-build language switcher in your frontend, so you don’t even have to hire someone to make it work for your visitors.

If you don’t need us to do the installation for you or you don’t need any more information about how to actually download and install this plugin, you can proceed by clicking the button below.


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