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Teamdigital 2 April 2019 No Comments

Setup your account at Bluehost

  • Click this link to open Bluehost website in a new tab in your browser
  • Now click the green button “Get Started”
  • bluehost

  • Here you have to fill in your domain name and press “Next”
    • If you don’t have a domain, choose left square
    • If you already have a domain, choose right square


  • Here you can choose the plan that fits you best.
  • bluehost

  • After selecting your plan, you have to fill in your details.
  • Then choose the length of your plan and select if you want any extras. Personally we never take any extra’s, but that’s of course your choice.
  • Fill in your payment information and press “Submit”
  • Afterwards we can setup your WordPress installation on your Bluehost account for you, so you can start right away with your website. The button below will take you to the Bluehost discount page, from where you can start to setup your account.

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