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Live Chat For WordPress

In the digital world of today, companies like to stay connected to their customers to the fullest extent to maintain their reputation and increase sales. With online businesses, you can easily communicate with your customers via different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

When you are selling a product, it is practically not possible that all your customers will be hundred percent satisfied as some can have some queries regarding it. To solve these queries, customer support steps in to take control.

Having one on one customer support seems way more reliable and turns out to be quite more responsive in contrast to email and other options. Customers are more satisfied if their queries are resolved there and then without having to wait for hours to get a response via email.

Not only is it satisfactory for customers, but it is also convenient for companies as their sales growth remains uninterrupted when the queries of customers are resolved instantly. Besides email, you can also refer to FAQs for getting your queries resolved but not every me the FAQ has the answer to your question.

LiveChat is a platform that works as a bridge for connecting the respective customer service agent of the company to the customers. Many companies like IKEA, PayPal and Adobe have integrated Live Chat to their websites due to their trusted services.


  • Engages customers to chat
  • Chats can be supervised
  • Allows you to control the customer’s pc after requesting through Remote Desktop feature
  • Customers can be transferred to another agent
  • Allows you to interact with multiple customers at a time
  • View chat history with any customer
  • View the details of a customer, i.e., geolocation and page
  • Get notified about conference and chats
  • Customised dictionary support

You can also present your queries by connecting with the company on their telephone helpline. However, often it is quite difficult to describe your query, especially when you are not able to show the customer service agent where you are stuck.

Here is where LiveChat steps in and helps you through the process. Firstly, you save a few bucks that you are spending on making a call, and you also save on me that is spent on waiting for being connected to a helpline agent. Secondly, LiveChat allows you to share media like images and videos so you can show your query to the respective agent.

This increases the chances of your query being resolved instantly as the agent would be able to identify your issue and help you solve it easily. For example, if you are calling IKEA to ask about setting up a particular furniture piece, it will be more convenient for you to share an image and present your query. LiveChat can be integrated into the website with a simple coding step.

Benefits of Live Chat for WordPress

Team Management

LiveChat allows you to identify the areas of by offering ticket and chat reports that can be worked upon and improved. The duration of chat, the number of visitors waiting in line and the response me can be tracked. With all this information in hand, you can predict the number of agents that would be required to cover all the chats.

Customisation As You Like It

LiveChat offers you extensive customisation, so you integrate it into your website with the themes you like. You can choose between two chat window types: embedded and pop up. LiveChat also has the CSS editor, which allows you to bring changes into the behaviour and overlook of the chat window. To create a more compelling experience for your customers, you can add in engagement graphics like custom greetings and other visuals. To give a more interacve experience, you can also add in your social media links so that your customers can connect with you there and follow your page. The profile of the agent can be customised with names and pictures for beer results.

Traffic Monitoring

You can track the visitors on your website using LiveChat. The LiveChat agent can connect with more people in less time in contrast to the phone agents. You can also view whether your customers are using the shopping cart or leaving their order and you convince them back by inviting them to the chat option.

Effective For E-commerce

With LiveChat, you can take your online business to new horizons. It establishes a dependable platform for connecting with the customers where you can also set your goals and track the sales.

Ticketing System

You can avoid the long waiting queue of customers with the ticket management feature of LiveChat. The fully functional desktop together with the ticketing system gives you an edge over the competitors. Since things are always evolving in the technological world, one such change in LiveChat is the introduction of Facebook Messenger which can be connected to the LiveChat. The benefit of this feature is that customers can reach out using their Facebook accounts while on the other side, the agent doesn’t need to have an account. For people who are not sure about the services, LiveChat offers a free trial where you can explore and check the services for 15 days without paying any cost. After you are satisfied and are ready to use the software, you can choose from their four different subscription plans:

  1. Starter plan for small businesses at $16 per month
  2. Team plan at $33 per month
  3. The business plan at $50 per month
  4. Enterprise plan at $149 per month


  • Improved customer service
  • Instant feedback and real-time interaction
  • Data can be analysed at a greater capacity
  • Proactive interaction with customers
  • Clear and convenient user experience


  • Doesn’t work great on smartphones
  • Not everyone likes to communicate through chat and prefers phone

Wrapping it up!

LiveChat provides fast and instant support to the customer and offers a much more digital experience in contrast to FAQs and emails. LiveChat can easily be integrated into any website. If you want to increase your sales and want to have a better insight into the growth of your company, then LiveChat is the most modern way to do it.


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