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Teamdigital 5 April 2019 No Comments

Secure your website with Sucuri!

As a full-service WordPress web development agency, we deal daily with website attacks. This includes brute force attacks, feed attacks, DDoS and a lot of spam.

That is why we are always extremely careful. We have a real-time WordPress backup solution. Moreover, we have protected our folders, disabled PHP hacks and basically followed every other security trick. Not all WordPress website builders out there follow this long list of actions and safety requirements.

So if you don’t want to concern about a hacked WordPress website and paying hundreds of dollars to get it back on its feet again, it is important to consider Sucuri WordPress plug-in.


Sucuri is a website security company that specializes in WordPress security. They protect your website against hackers, malware, DDoS and blacklists.

When you install and activate Sucuri, all your site traffic runs through their cloud proxy firewall before they go to your hosting server. This allows them to block all attacks and only send legitimate visitors.

Not only the big and important websites are victims. Smaller sites are often a much easier target for hackers, because they don’t have to take any security measures. Right now your website is likely to get attacks and you just don’t know anything about it.

Unfortunately, most people after they’re being hacked. If you have a website for your business, Sucuri WordPress plug-in is just a MUST HAVE solution because it offers complete end-to-end WordPress security.


  1. Blocks all attacks

    The Sucuri firewall blocks all attacks before it reaches our server. Being one of the leading security companies, Sucuri investigates and reports potential security issues to the WordPress core team and to plug-in builders.

    There is a real cooperation between the developers in solving the security problems. Once fixed, Sucuri applies these firewall-level vulnerabilities in case you don’t get the chance to update your plug-in soon enough.

    The recent example is a vulnerability with one of the commercial theme builders, for example, this vulnerability was already patched on Sucuri’s servers before customers could update their plug-ins and themes. This means that your site is almost ALWAYS safe.

  2. Website integrity monitoring

    The 2-in-1 Website AntiVirus package that comes with the Sucuri scanner checks a WordPress website every 3 hours to ensure that it is clean from malware, malicious JavaScript, malicious iframes, suspicious redirects, spammy link injections, etc. The scanner also ensures that the site is not blacklisted by any of the popular services such as Google, Norton, AVG, Phishtank, Opera and others. This helps you keep your reputation intact and prevents your users from seeing warnings like this: This site contains malicious program error in Google Chrome.

  3. Site control log

    Sucuri’s WordPress plug-in keeps track of what’s happening on your site. This includes file changes, new messages, new users, last login attempts, failed login attempts and more. And Sucuri plug-in puts all this this in an Audit Log file.

  4. Server Side Scanning

    When you are dealing with smart hackers, server side scanning is important. Some hackers want to infect your users with malware. These types of hacks are very difficult to catch because they are not so obvious and stand out and your WordPress website will therefore not be blacklisted. That is when the server side scan comes in handy. The server side scanner runs through each individual file (even non-WordPress files) to ensure that there is nothing suspicious on your server.

  5. Malware cleanup service

    Although all of the above reasons justify the costs of Sucuri, they also offer malware cleanup service without page restrictions, along with the removal of blacklists. This job can be quite very expensive, because it’s very time consuming… Sucuri has an extra incentive to ensure that your WordPress website will never be hacked.

Our Final Statement

In the end, this plug-in offers all the features you ever need to secure your WordPress website, without all of the hassle of setting things up correctly and monitoring it all manually. It offers an easy way to handle all of the attacks and offers the protection your WordPress website needs.

The pricetag is 299$ annual, so that means it’s only 25$ a month. Remember that, if your website would be hacked somewhere in the future… the cost of having it fixed would be minimum the double of this amount. So if you want to sleep on both ears at night, not having to wake up in the morning with a glowing red phone, because not only your website, but also your client’s computers are infected due to your hacked website… well, that does it for us.

If you don’t need us to do the installation for you or you don’t need any more information about how to actually download and install this plugin, you can proceed by clicking the button below.


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