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Teamdigital 4 April 2019 No Comments

Why speed up your website

Nowadays a fast website is no longer a luxury, but a pure necessity. Google also takes the loading speed of your website into account when displaying the search results. In fact, this is one of Google’s most important SEO points. A fast website keeps visitors on board much longer than a slow site. Websites with a loading speed of more then 3s, have a bounce rate that lies 40% higher. And.. because a lot of people work with a theme that provides them 90% more functionalities then they actually use, caching has gotten really important.

But… What is caching exactly?

A cache is a place where temporary data is stored in your browser as “ready-to-display”. When your website is cached, this means that your website’s pages, posts, images and a lot other ‘static’ files are stored in this temporary location. So if a visitor comes to your website, it doesn’t have to load all content from scratch.

We definitely recommend WP Rocket

At WordPress Experts we have tried several caching plugins in the past, including W3 Total Cache and WP Super cache. But not with the desired results. We were convinced that W3 Total Cache plugin was the best on the market, but unfortunately we were wrong. There is a reason why paid plugins can survive and the main reason is just that they provide more/better functionalities than free versions ever will. Logic… isn’t it?

With WP Rocket, you don’t have to have any technical background about caching or web development whatsoever… WP Rocket runs very smooth and gives incredible good results without any fine tuning.

WP Rocket’s best features

As we told before… the installation of WP Rocket plugin is so easy, that it just takes a few clicks to get it to work

  • One-click activation
    No coding knowledge is required. No extensive plugin configuration is needed. Simply turn the caching feature on and watch site speed soar.
  • Cache Preloading
    Rather than wait for a site visitor to visit your site and then cache that particular page, WP Rocket attempts to pre-cache all of your website’s posts and pages prior to anyone visiting.
  • Lazy Loading
    All images appear for site visitors as they scroll to minimize the loading strain.
  • Browser Caching
    WP Rocket stores JS, CSS, and site images in a visitor’s browser so as they explore your site, these items don’t need to reload if revisited.
  • GZIP Compression
    Save on your host bandwidth usage by enabling GZIP compression.
  • eCommerce Friendly
    WooCommerce, EDD, Jigoshop, iThemes Exchange, and WP-Shop users won’t have cached cart or checkout pages.

Our Final Statement

In the end, this caching plugin offers all the features you could need to boost site speed, without all of the hassle of setting up, configuring, and caching via code. It offers an easy way to handle all of the tasks needed to make your WordPress website fully optimized, and is highly recommended as the caching plugin to use.

The pricetag is 49$ annual, so that means it’s just over 4$ a month. Immagine that you would just be able to attract 1 extra potentional customer each month, due to a faster loading website… would you be able to earn those 4$ back?

If you don’t need us to do the installation for you or you don’t need any more information about how to actually download and install this plugin, you can proceed by clicking the button below.


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