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Live chat for WordPress
Teamdigital 27 February 2020 No Comments

Live Chat For WordPress In the digital world of today, companies like to stay connected to their customers to the fullest extent to maintain their reputation and increase sales. With online businesses, you can easily communicate with your customers via different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. When you are selling a product, […]

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Elementor Best WP Page Builder for 2020
Teamdigital 25 January 2020 No Comments

Elementor Page Builder For WordPress There is no doubt about it building a website is hard work. Yes, numerous platforms like WordPress have been designed to make the process easier but while these are helpful for both amateurs and professionals, they do have their limits. This is where Elementor comes in! Elementor gives you more […]

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MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon
Teamdigital 18 May 2019 No Comments

MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon: Get the best results Although Google Analytics is one of the most important digital marketing tools available today, many online businesses are yet to start harnessing its power to maximize growth and profitability. Google Analytics allows users to collect and measure data in real-time, which they can use to monitor individual campaigns […]

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Build your website with Elegant Themes
Teamdigital 16 April 2019 No Comments

Build your website with Elegant Themes Whether you are new or experienced in business, one of your main marketing strategies should be creating a website for your business. However, building functional, good looking websites costs money and as we all know, every dollar spent translates to lower profit margins. For small business owners and first-time […]

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Grow your business with MonsterInsights
Teamdigital 9 April 2019 No Comments

MonsterInsights vs Google Analytics!? First of all it’s important to know that these are NOT 2 different Analytics tools. On the first hand , Google Analytics is a web analytics service. It helps you to understand who your website visitors are, while on the other hand, MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that connects your website […]

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